Onggojib Jaincheng Tteokbokki Paste 떡볶이장

Onggojib Jaincheng Tteokbokki Paste 떡볶이장

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Not sure how to make your yummilicious Korean spicy rice cake dish from scratch? Now there's a failproof way for you to get your favourite streetsnack from the comforts of your home! Onggojib Jaincheng Tteokbokki Paste has been readily mixed with all the seasonings so you don't have to scour the recipe for the perfect authentic taste! 


Certified halal by KMF, explore your Korean cooking skills and enjoy the flavours of halal Korean food, tteokbokki ... or toppoki... or dubboki... well, however you spell it, the same great taste awaits!


Used for : Tteokbokki/ Rakbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes / with Noodles)


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