Onggojib Jaincheng Ssamjang Dipping Paste 쌈장

Onggojib Jaincheng Ssamjang Dipping Paste 쌈장

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Made with a family recipe mix of Onggojib's beloved gochujang, doenjang and other seasoning ingredients, the Onggojib Jaincheng Ssamjang or BBQ dipping sauce is a great accompaniment of sweet and savoury elements to any grilled meats, wraps or vegetable!  


Certified halal by KMF, explore your Korean cooking skills and enjoy the flavours of halal Ssamjang, the well-known Korean barbecue dipping sauce!


Used for : Accompaniment to grilled meats, vegetable wraps, vegetable crudites, sandwich spread, etc.


100% authentic. 100% Korean. 


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