Onggojib Duo Pack 2 - Tteokbokkijang & Chunjang

Onggojib Duo Pack 2 - Tteokbokkijang & Chunjang

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Can't decide between spicy vs savoury? Not sure if you should make tteokbokki or jjajangmyeon? Solve your dilemma with our duo combo of both tteokbokkijang and chunjang in 1 awesome combo pack! The flavours of traditional Korean pastes all come alive to satisfy people of all ages, with all the flavours and sincerity of home. 


Pack contains : 

Tteokbokkijang 500g x1 and  Chunjang 500g x1

OR Tteokbokkijang 1000g x1 and  Chunjang 1000g x1 


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