Mungyeong Halal Korean Omija Seasoned Roasted Seaweed Laver

Mungyeong Halal Korean Omija Seasoned Roasted Seaweed Laver

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Enjoy your Korean cooking with roasted & seasoned seaweed flecked with top grade Omija!


The premium laver made of Mungyeong Omija and traditional laver. It is a safe and healthy food that strictly selects Mungyeong Omija from the best seeds of the clean area and paired with laver cultivated from the clean ocean of Korea's  west coast, so you can feel better flavor and aroma.


In particular, the use of salt has been drastically reduced compared to regular seasoned laver, thanks to the added natural saltiness of Omija powder and the five flavors of Omija add to the richness of laver. Lignan, an ingredient of Omija, has antioxidant functions to slow the spoilage of seasoned laver and keep the laver fresh.


100% authentic. 100% Korean. 

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