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1. Get yourself to our shop page! Below is the homepage - that is, what you see when you click on  You can either click on SHOP on the menu bar, or SHOP NOW on the sliding images.

this is the MENU bar

2. Browse the products on the shop page. If you're interested to know more about the product, or ready to purchase the product,  just click on the picture!

this is a shortcut to the SHOP page

3. On the product page, select the quantity you want to purchase then click on Add to Cart

click on each image to view it in a bigger size

check your quantity is correct before adding to cart

On the right pop-up, click on View Cart.

just click on this!

4. On the checkout page, select the delivery option you prefer then click on Checkout 

click on this section to select the delivery option

5. Fill up your information accordingly then click on Continue to move on to the next section. Make sure you include your mobile phone number and email address so we may contact you for any queries on your order!  After all the details have been captured, click on Place Order and you're done!
If you have selected Delivery Method : Self-Collection and/or Payment : Manual Payment options for your order, we will contact you to make the necessary arrangements. 
Questions? Simply Contact Us
If you're new to online shopping, don't worry! Here we have a step by step guide to help you navigate your way!
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